Listen To Your Heart – Pt 2

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Why don’t people’s hearts tell them to continue to follow their dreams?

Perhaps the heart is and they are just not paying attention, after all we were never taught about such things. IN todays times we live in a fast paced world and everyone is on social media acting as if they have such perfect lives when in all reality they are suffering deep within their own hearts.

Last year 2020 the world was turned upside down and inside out, people were dying of Covid 19 and the world literally was shut down! I noticed something I have never noticed about people before and that is how so many are compliant and a whole lot are none compliant.

The none compliant ones, complained about their rights and freedoms being taken away and the compliant ones were what the none compliant ones called “Sheep.” The world was completely divided and going crazy, it was a clear sign that people were in no way going to be able to follow their hearts with so much going on.

Fear was one of the biggest issues it seemed to me, you didn’t know who to trust and who to listen to, people had way too much free times on their hands and they were going to do whatever they wanted it seemed.

It was then that I realized that for me nothing much had changed about my daily routine, I was still working and I really don’t do much anyways after work so all was fine and dandy. I was able to pay more attention to my heart and accept life for what it was.

Don’t get me wrong my heart was in turmoil with how the world was acting and especially here in America, people are dying and people want to run around and act like it was no big deal until one of their family members died and now it became a big deal.

I learned how people act one way and say one thing and in all reality they are nothing more than Hypocrites and to my surprise (not really) a lot of this was coming from religious folks. They down played the virus and they pointed the finger of blame else where instead of taking responsibility and listening to their hearts they got all caught up in the lies of the media.

The key to happiness and being able to listen to your heart is through way of eliminating a lot of the noise that is within our society and trust me that is not an easy task to do but it must be practiced daily. The reason I say practice daily is simply things don’t always happen over night and therefore we must give ourselves enough time for it to take place within us.

If I learned one thing from 2020 it was to simply cut out as much noise as possible and trust in myself way more, by actually paying attention to what my heart is trying to tell me.


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