Best Advice I Ever Heard!

“People Are Human; They Will Make Mistakes And Changes Of Heart”

All things your looking to get from other people you can easily get from your own damn self. So stop expecting other people to give you something that they probably can’t even give themselves.

When it comes to relationships, I won’t lie this is one of the areas I had no clue about and one of the main reasons for this site today.

I looked back on my life not to long ago and started really thinking about all the relationships I have had and why they turned out the way they turned out or even why they are still the way they are today.

To start, growing up as a kid I don’t really recall our family telling each other “I LOVE YOU” and I had no clue as to what love really was then. I use to have this saying I got from one of my older brothers and it goes like this,

“I am in love with who I am with at the moment”

and that seemed like a pretty good way to live life back then and then as I grew older and had a few heart breaks things started changing for me. I realized I wanted more and I tired to just wing it, by getting advice from friends and I guess a few little articles here and there.

Come to find out, a lot of this advice I was getting was created from good intention I am sure, but it was also created from people who basically always were in bad relationships to begin with, and a lot of them I am sure never learned from them, or why else would some of these people get married as many times as they did?

That is why I said, I created this site and why the information I will be sharing will be based on updated information for TODAY’S TIMES!

Yeah I know things were so great back in the day and so many people see life a certain way and today I am going to go against the grain here I am sure and that is OK with me.

My intention for this site is to understand and share what I come to learn while on my journey to finding that one true love everyone talks about!

That one true love will be that one TRUE LOVE FOR MYSELF!

After all I can’t give away something I don’t even understand or have for myself now can I?

I hope every one who lands on this site or meets me in person one day will share their thoughts with me and we can begin to understand how to heal the world at the same time!

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